Friday, December 31, 2010

How I love the sales

Actually that's a bit of a lie, while I love the reductions the thought of braving the crowds to rummage through rail after rail in the hope that you may just find something is a bit much for me. Thankfully this year I had a good shopping companion and while the trip drained me of all my energy I didn't hate the experience.

Having said that, the sales were quite disappointing this year - topshop's sale was a mess of clothes all over the floor and not many nice items, in fact it was the non sale items that caught my eye but unfortunately they were a bit out of my price range; H&M wasn't very inspiring but among the clutter I did manage to find my new year's outfit and finally the one that managed to be the exception - as usual Urban Outfitters came out miles ahead of the pack and presented a brilliant sale, if only I hadn't of spent the majority of my money by that time I would have bought the lot, I am very pleased with the one dress and lovely bag I did get though...

Here are my two lovely new dresses, I will be posting a picture of my new bag in my next post, love Jamila xoxo
P.S. sorry for the pictures, I haven't quite got the hang of taking pictures of clothes on hangers. I will hopefully do some outfit posts in the near future with the items to show you a bit more clearly...

By far my favourite by of the day, this beauty was £20 in the Urban Outfitters sale
This dress looks much nicer on and was a bargain of £10 in the H&M sale, I will be wearing this tonight for New Year's

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  1. The second dress looks absolutely lovely! I'm definitely jealous! (: