Friday, December 31, 2010

What's in your bag??

I don't know about you but I always love reading posts about what's in people's handbags, there's something so fascinating about the contents of other blogger's bags. Simply because they are fun to read I thought it might be fun to do one myself, so here's what's in my handbag - what's in yours? Love, Jamila xoxo

This is the lovely bag that I acquired in the Urban Outfitter's sale earlier this week, unfortunately it is not very practical and can't fit much in - if I had a bigger bag my make-up bag, book and notebook would also be in the contents but unfortunately while it is very pretty this bag does not allow that.

(Above, from left to right, top row) A vintage purse from my mum, a vintage card holder also from my mum, a pack of novelty tissues (well it is winter)
(Middle) I could never leave the house without my ipod - I wouldn't be exaggerating in saying that music is a large portion of my life, my keys with a cute snoopy key ring and tesco club card attached, my lighter which I love and got from a car boot sale
(Bottom) Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner, rimmel eye liner pencil, Maybelline new york colossal volume mascara

I had to give a close up of this little purse, I absolutely love it even though it is starting to fall apart a bit after being victim of a bit too much love, my mum got it from a car boot sale and after a lot of persuasion gave it to me.

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