Friday, December 17, 2010

The wonders of 2011

With the new year fast approaching as a self confessed gleek I am thrilled at the news of Glee returning on January 10th, definitely a way to make returning to school a little brighter. From the clips I've seen I have to say that this series looks possibly even better than the first - their rendition of Hey Soul Sister is one of my current favourites to come this time.

I for one will definitely be tuning in, ready to sing.

As well as Glee, series 5 of Skins will be coming to our screens in January. Now it has to be said that I'm a bit more hesitant about this series and after the disappointment series 4 brought, I feel it did not live up to its name, I'm unsure about what 2011 will have to bring for the show. Since series 1 first aired I have been no less than a skins obsessive, so when the first change of cast came about I was extremely upset. However, although I think the second generation may not have been better than the first, they did manage to prove themselves and create a pretty darn good two series.

Now with the third generation ready to grace our screens I was again a little suspicious about whether they would actually be any good, when they were first revealed on the e4 website I among other fans was appalled at the new intake who appeared to be far from the usual skins cast. But now with new pictures of the cast in character I am beginning to warm to them, I will be tuning in in January hoping not to be let down - these guys have a lot to live up to.

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